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ViaVero: communications advice & support

Communication is a kind of conversation. For example with your (potential) client or your personnel. Sometimes it's a monologue; when you only want to inform, but other times you want interaction. For every communication there's a suitable channel and every business communication serves a clear purpose.

ViaVero helps you with targeted communication, offline as well as online. And both with advice and practical support.

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Who's ViaVero?

Veronique de Jong - ViaVero

ViaVero is the company name for the communication services Veronique de Jong offers. 

Communication has been a recurring theme throughout my carreer. I have an affinity with language and have studied languages. That is why I mainly focus on the written word.  

My most recent experince has been writing and editing business texts and creating various online commucations like websites.

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Small business websites

You want a website. You don't want to figure out the technique yourself, but you also don't want to spend too much.
ViaVero makes complete and affordable websites. Including or excluding texts.

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Writing and editing texts

ViaVero can write texts for leaflets, websites and other online communications.
ViaVero has years of experience with editing business presentations, proposals and blogs.

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Dutch and English language

ViaVero can write and edit Dutch texts as well as English texts for you.
The English language level is the result of a study English and years of working in an international company.

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Online Communicatie

ViaVero can support you with various aspects of online communication. It can be advice, but also hands-on support. For instance when a project requires additional communication activities.

More information?

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