Small business websites



user friendly

ViaVero makes websites in WordPress, the world's most used content management system. I use an additional page builder that makes it easy for you, as a site owner, to edit texts. So after go-live of the site you are not dependant on ViaVero (or another web builder) for every small change you need.

When ViaVero makes a website for you it is complete and affordable.

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Writing and editing texts


goal oriented

to the point

ViaVero's texts are clear and to the point. Additionally I always focus on the purpose of the communication and the chosen means of communication. 

I have extensive experience with editing business communications like presentations, reports and blogs. 

I enjoy writing and editing internal and external communications.

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Dutch & English

language sense

solid training

business experience

I have a strong language sense and an affinity with language. That is why I have written and edited texts in all functions I have had. Initially mainly in Dutch, later predominantly English. 

During my English studies I acquired a broad knowledge of the English language. I also worked for international companies. That is why I can change between Dutch and English texts effortlessly.

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Online communiations

internet & intranet

social media


ViaVero can support you with various aspects of online communications. I have business experience with internet, intranet, social media and mailings. Because online communication continuously changes, my knowledge has recently been updated at the SRM training institute.

In my hands-on support I will certainly advise which online communication channel suits the situation best.