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Veronique de Jong

I've started my working career in the audiovisual branche, a.o. making television programmes.

After that I worked at the head office of the global leader in the HR Services industry. Mostly in organisational support roles in which I also wrote and edited communications. The communications part of my work increased over the years.

In my last position there, I was responsible for the design and implementation of Communication of a new international business unit for 5 years.

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Education & background

My English language studies at university (with Spanish as a 2nd language) have contributed to the fact that language and communication have always been a recurring theme throughout my career. I've been responsible for creating newsletters, websites, presentations, press releases and mailings in business and voluntary work. 

To further increase my theoretical knowledge of the communications business I have been educated and trained over the last years. Among others in online communication at SRM.

Personality traits

  • all-round
  • curious
  • energetic
  • perfectionistic
  • result oriented
  • dedicated
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Of course ViaVero is a wordplay with my name, that is regularly abbreviated to Vero. 
ViaVero also has a Latin/Italian origin, in which it means 'the true way' or 'the right way'.